Welcome to the Home of GFWC of Missouri, Inc.


GFWC MOGFWC of Missouri is composed of women of all ages, interests, and experiences. Our local clubs partner with hospitals, local government, schools, and businesses to assist our communities in becoming better places to live. GFWC is distinguished by our outreach - spanning all areas of the lives of our members and their families.

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs, one of the world’s largest and oldest nonpartisan, nondenominational, women’s volunteer service organizations has earned a reputation as a powerful force. Headquartered in a National Historic Landmark building in Washington, D.C., GFWC has a long history of philanthropy, social and political advocacy, and community leadership. More than 100,000 members in affiliated clubs in every state and more than a dozen countries work in their own communities to support the arts, preserve natural resources, advance education, promote healthy lifestyles, encourage civic involvement, and work toward world peace and understanding. GFWC has been recognized as the first women’s organization to implement an AIDS education program.

In Missouri, each local GFWC club decides its own projects and community involvement. This diversity has kept GFWC of Missouri strong since its establishment in 1896.

GFWC of Missouri is chartered by the National General Federation of Women’s Clubs.

As a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs:

YOU are a link in a chain of women that circle the globe.
YOU are a participant in a dynamic program of Education, Community Service, Public
Issues, World Affairs, and Advocates for Children.
YOU are a member of a world renowned organization whose motto is “Unity in Diversity”.