GFWC MO Reading Awards Program (RAP)

Spring 2016 RAP luncheon 

GFWC of Missouri was once again standing tall at the Reading Awards Program (RAP) luncheon at Missouri Girls Town on Wednesday, May 18, 2016. Nineteen girls were recognized for reading more than 750 books! Due to the generosity of GFWC of Missouri women, the girls collectively received over $300 in Walmart gift certificates and over 100 items from our awards table. A celebratory pizza luncheon was enjoyed by all.

Pictured below is our guest speaker, Washington University School of Law student Alexandra Hemphill, standing by the well-stocked awards table. Ms. Hemphill shared how she overcame a reading deficit with hard work. Her efforts have paid off with a tremendously successful academic career. She encouraged the girls to read all types of literature. She also emphasized the critical role reading plays in their education.

RAP May 2016

Please remember RAP depends on your continued support. You may donate Walmart cards and gift table items directly. For tax deductible gifts, please write your check to the GFWC of Missouri Charity and Education Fund with RAP written on the memo line. These checks need to be mailed to our state treasurer. RAP appreciates and depends on your support!  

A RAP Update from Sharon Anderson & Joyce Phillips, GFWC MO RAP Co-Chairmen

Missouri GFWC stood tall on November 18, 2015 by hosting the RAP (Reading Awards Program) pizza luncheon at Missouri Girls Town. Thanks to your generous donations, the gift table was FULL! This semester 21 girls participated by reading a total of 688 books. We awarded 95 table items along with $215 in Walmart gift certificates. The final treat is the pizza and soda for lunch. It is always a blessing to visit Girls Town. Many girls stopped to express their thanks to me which I assured them I would pass along to you.

RAP Items

RAP items

Remember, your donations sustain this program. We can always use $5 and $10 Walmart cards along with gifts preferred by high school girls such as scarves, flip flops, fuzzy socks, small to medium stuffed animals, small to medium decorative pillows, cosmetics, and small decorative plaques. To make a tax deductible donation to our budget, write your check to GFWC of MO Fund for Charity and Education, write RAP on the memo line of the check, and mail to our state treasurer, Dr. Susan Gettys. 


RAP Co-Chairmen: Sharon Anderson and Joyce Phillips 

GFWC of Missouri Reading Awards Program (RAP) Studies have shown that readers succeed. GFWC of Missouri sees that students at Missouri Girls Town are encouraged to develop their potential as readers. GFWC members join with the girls and their teachers to celebrate reading success. We call it the Reading Awards Program (RAP). RAP is modeled on the GFWC ESO Program but adapted for young readers. The purpose is to promote reading for pleasure as well as for education. The long term goal is to provide the student with a growing interest in her continued education through reading.


Teachers help the girls select the books to read and evaluate written reports submitted by the girls. Awards are given upon completing the requirements for each level of RAP.

Girls pledge and reach the Membership level after reading and reporting on 4 books. The Star level means reading and reporting on 5 more books for a total of 9. The Torch level is reached after reading and reporting on 5 more books for a total of 14 books. At the Century level, a total of 20 books are to be read and reported on.

Awards are presented at a pizza luncheon in the Wirts Dining Hall on the MGT campus in November and in May. At each level the girls receive a certificate, a pencil, and a bookmark. Each girl's efforts are praised by all and she may choose from 2 - 10 or more items from the gift table based on the number of books she has read.

GFWC of Missouri ESO and GFWC of Missouri members fund RAP by donations of money, $5, $10, or $25 Wal-Mart gift cards, or gift items. RAP has gained in popularity among our members and the specifics have been shared with GFWC Education Department Chairmen, the Presidents of GFWC of Minnesota and GFWC of South Dakota, the public library system, and the public school system in Missouri.