2014-2016 President’s State Project: Protecting Our Environment 

“Standing Tall for GFWC, Our Communities, Our World” 2014-2016 GFWC MO President’s Project: “Protecting Our Environment” 

We can make a difference:  When it comes to the environment, we can’t do everything, but we can do something. With all members of GFWC of Missouri working together, we will make a difference so that our great grandchildren can continue to enjoy this wonderful land that we cherish. On the following handout introduced at the 2014 GFWC MO Convention, please find suggestions of what clubs can do to protect the environment as well as what we can do personally. Each club is encouraged to pick at least one project on which to focus.
Protecting Our Enviroment Handout (pdf)

Join the Scotch Tape Brigade: We have enrolled GFWC MO in the TerraCycle Scotch Tape Brigade, so please collect any brand of used plastic tape dispensers and tape cores and bring them to district conventions/meetings and state conventions. GFWC MO will get one cent for each one we mail in; they will be recycled into new products instead of ending up in the landfill. Enlist your friends, neighbors, schools, and businesses to help your club save tape dispensers and cores.

Please see the six handouts below with more ideas of how we can protect the environment. If you have questions, please contact GFWC MO Conservation Chairman Karla Kincaid. We extend a big “thank you” to GFWC Iowa, the original source of this environmental information.

Download Handouts Part 1 of Enviromental Projects (all 6 pdf in 1 .zip file)
Download Handouts Part 2 (zip file)

Individual Enviromental Projects Handouts (pdf format)

#1-1 How TerraCycle Works
#1-2 TerraCycle Brigades
#2 - Children In Conservation Backpacks
#3 - Monofilament Recycling Recovery Program
#4 - Trees in Conservation Programs
#5 - Using Rainwater for Consrvation
#6 - Upcycling

#7 - Butterflies
#8 - Water Bottles
#9 - Compost
#10 - Water is Life
#11 - Kid's Gardens
#12 - Earth Day
#13 - Donate Cell Phones to a Good Cause with the Help of HopeLine
#14 - Bring Back the Monarchs