GFWC LEADS (Leadership Education And Development Seminar)

LEADS is a program intended to identify GFWC members who have potential and the desire to assume leadership in GFWC beyond their clubs. To learn more about the LEADS Program click on the link below.

LEADS 2014 - 2016

Beverly Shelton is our Leadership Chairman. Her contact information can be found on page 10 of the GFWC MO State Yearbook. 

Criteria for GFWC MO LEADS Candidate:

GFWC will cover a portion of the attendees’ expenses, including:

In addition, the 2015 LEADS Candidate will receive $300 from GFWC MO to help cover expenses of attending the June 12 one-day LEADS Seminar in Memphis, Tennessee.  

GFWC LEADS Graduates

2015 - Gail Jones 2014 – Cary Chambers
2013 – Lori Snodgrass 2012 – Shelly Barger
2011 – Renee Ridling 2010 – Linda Russell
2009 – Carol Shoener 2008 – Lynn Noyes
2007 – Tammy Curtis 2006 – Sue Harris
2005 – Tracie Snodgrass 2004 – Kathy Tate
2003 – Karole Fischer Jacobsen 2002 – Becky Gazaway (First LEADS)

Link to LEADS Information at

Links to forms and additional information.

LEADS information for State Federations (pdf)

LEADS Application Form (pdf)

LEADS Participant Profile Form (pdf)