GFWC of Missouri Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO)

ESO News from Chairman, Carolyn Wyatt.

ESO Chair Carolyn WyattReading is rewarding. It is the time you take for yourself, for you own quest for information, the better understand of what is happening around you and/or for pure pleasure. There are very few of you that do not read something everyday.

Take your reading adventure, one more step. It is not a book report, it is a review of what you have read. Was it for education or pleasure? Did you like the book? Would you recommend the book to others? What did you like best: a character, the language, the time period of the book, did it make you laugh, did it make you cry, have you read the author before...etc. Just because you read it does not mean you liked it, let me know. Reporting is easy and pretty painless, just a few lines about the book and your insights about it.

If you or someone in your Club enjoys reading, encourage her to join ESO. I still have packets that I can mail. There are 60 topics to choose from, to get you started. I try to e-mail a monthly ESO Newsletter every month. Just send me an e-mail address requesting a packet, a copy of the ESO News or with questions. My e-mail address is: The mailing address is: 925 Ridgecrest, Carthage, Missouri 64836. My office phone number is: 417/358-3344.

Epsilon Sigma Omicron is an Honorary Reading Sorority. ESO is a special project of GFWC Education Department. Your Missouri ESO, ETA Chapter, was established in 1946.

Wishing you a good book to read.