GFWC of Missouri District Events

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District 9 Spring Newsletter

The GFWC of Missouri, Inc. is divided into nine (9) geographical areas called Districts. All clubs and organizations which are members of the GFWC of Missouri, Inc. are members of the District in which they are geographically located. No club or organization is eligible to membership in the District which is not a member of the GFWC of Missouri, Inc.

Each District shall hold an Annual Meeting, the time and place to be set by the District President in conference with the President of the GFWC of Missouri, Inc. and the Hostess Club. The officers of a District shall be elected during the Convention in the even numbered years.

The officers shall constitute an Executive Committee whose quorum shall be a majority of its members. It shall transact routine business between annual meetings of the District and have such other duties as the District may assign.

There shall be District Chairmen corresponding to those of the GFWC of Missouri, Inc., as necessary to promote work within the District, and shall be appointed by the District President as approved by the District Executive Committee.

The officers, District Chairmen, and other as decided by the District , shall constitute a Board of Directors to promote the work throughout the District.

Eighth District News

The Eighth District is teaming up with Dillards at the Galleria in St. Louis and Chesterfield Mall in a fundraising event for Missouri Girls Town.  Purchases of Calvin Klein products from Dec. 6 - 12 will help generate funds for donation.  See the details on:  District Eight Dillards Fundraiser (pdf)

Sixth District News

GFWC of Missouri Sixth District enjoyed 30 members in attendance on a beautiful fall day in Alton, Missouri, on October 10 hostessed by GFWC Alton Culture Club members.

The morning coffee and pastries were brought by the GFWC Thayer Crescite Club. GFWC of Missouri President, President-elect, and 3 State Chairmen joined with us in celebrating "Wildflowers in the Ozarks" and enjoyed food with a Hawaiian flavor!

District 6 Fall

District 6 Fall Meeting

District 6 Fall Meeting


GFWC of Missouri Sixth District awarded two $500 scholarships during Spring Convention. 

Scholarships for Sixth DistrictTwo $500 scholarships have been awarded, one to Emily cochran and another to Karlee Cochran of West Plains by the GFWC of Missouri Sixth District. The scholarships were presented by Willene Pratt of West Plains Woman's Library Club 1. This is the first time this scholarship has been awarded in this area. From left: Karlee, daughter of Lance and alyssa Cochran; Pratt; and Emily, daughter of Dave and Kelly Cochran.

This article and pictures appeared in the West Plains Quill newspaper on June 19, 2105.



An Underground Railroad Sampler Quilt that was shown and explained at the GFWC of Missouri Sixth District Spring Convention on March 22, 2015, at Bolivar, MO. 

Underground Railroad Sampler Quilt


Second District News

On Wednesday, May 20, ten members of GFWC MO 2nd District volunteered at Harvesters Food Bank, a regional food bank serving 26 counties in northwest Missouri and northeast Kansas. They provide food and household products to more than 620 not-for-profit agencies including food pantries, community kitchens, homeless shelters, children’s homes and others. Their main facility is located in Kansas City at 3801 Topping.

Second District members at food bank

The following 2nd District members assembled and boxed bags and boxes of cereal for a two-hour period: Kathy Palermo, GFWC MO President; Judy Wertz, GFWC 2nd District President; Connie Tiehen, 2nd District Recording Secretary; Barbara Weians, President GFWC Art and Literature Club; Janean Mills, President, GFWC Hickman Mills Homemakers Club, Fran Cousins, Hope Humbird, Jean Rea, Nancy Sokol, and Barbara Arnold.  


Happy Birthday GFWC from 5th district!!

5th District Saying Happy Birthday!

GFWC MO 5th district meeting in Appleton City. We are holding signs saying Happy Birthday GFWC. 

Missouri Legislative Day

2015 Legislative Day

On April 14th, 28 GFWC MO Clubwomen attended a fantastic Legislative Day and are pictured here with Representative and GFWC Clubwoman Shelley Keeney who spoke at the event and helped with the arrangements. 

Legislative Day Presentation

The Honorable Representative Shelley Keeney read a House Courtesy Resolution in honor of GFWC's 125th Anniversary on the floor of the House. She then presented the framed resolution to GFWC MO state officers while Representative Nate Walker looked on. Both Representatives presented legislative updates to the clubwomen during their session in the Speaker's Lounge. 

Legislative DaY GFWC MO Officers

GFWC of MO District 9 at Sophomore Pilgrimage

District 9 Sophomore Pilgrimage Students

Sophomore Pilgrimage students from GFWC of MO District 9, Southeast Missouri, stand in front of pinwheels on the steps of the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City in support of ending Child Abuse during the April 14, 2015 Pilgrimage.  

GFWC MO First District - Sophomore Pilgrimage

2014 Sophomore Pilgrimage

Twenty-two students and Louise Kellner (front row on left), Sophomore Pilgrimage Chairman from GFWC of MO First District, met with Second District Representative Casey Guernsey (second row, left). Rep. Guernsey took the students to the House Chambers and introduced them from the floor. After watching the representative vote on two issues, the students were taken to the top floor of the rotunda to experience the Whispering Gallery. With the tour of the capitol building, the supreme court and the governor's mansion; along with the elected officials inspiring remarks at the noon luncheon and the extra time with Rep. Guernsey, the First District Sophomores had a most enjoyable and informative day. 

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