GFWC Photo Contest

Objective: Encourage members' artistic expression and recognize and support members' achievements in photography.

Important Note:  GFWC now requires a signed waiver for contest entries.  You can print the waiver from this link: 2014-2016  GFWC Creative Arts Contest Waiver (pdf)

2014-2016 GFWC Photography Contest Rules from GFWC Manual (pdf)

Please note that entries in the GFWC “A Year in Pictures” Calendar Contest must be sent directly to GFWC Headquarters by May 15th with only one entry per club. 

Calling all GFWC of Missouri, Inc. photographers!

Each of the contests mentioned below provides an opportunity for you to express your creativity. The World in Pictures Contest is to capture the beauty of the world and the people around us. The Volunteers in Action Contest provides an opportunity to demonstrate the volunteer activities of your club during the year. A Year in Pictures Contest is for the GFWC Calendar.

The state Photography Chairman to Susan Koch.  For questions on the Photography Contest, please send an email to

Photography Contest Winners at May 2015 GFWC of MO Convention

 In the Calm of Beauty
Livings Things – Color: “In the Calm of Beauty” – Carol Morlan, GFWC Platte City Study Club 

 Civil War Thoughts  
Livings Things – Black & White: “Civil War Thoughts” – Susan Gettys, GFWC Sorosis Club of Springfield

 Country Road
Scenes – Color: “Country Road” – Sue Nevatt, GFWC Sorosis Club of Springfield 

All the Comfort of Home
Scenes – Black & White: “All the Comforts of Home” – Pat Mertens, GFWC Mina Sauk Club 

Voodoo Dolls

Still Life – Color: “Voodoo Dolls” – Susan Gettys, GFWC Sorosis Club of Springfield

Bones of a Bridge
Still Life – Black & White: “Bones of a Bridge” – Pat Mertens, GFWC Mina Sauk Club 

Queen Bee
Women at Work – Color: “Queen Bee” – Angela Salmon, GFWC Golden Study Club 

2014 Photography Contest Winners

1st Place: Still Life Black and White: Susan Gettys with picture titled "At Rest"
At Rest

1st Place: Volunteers in Action Color: Gail Jones with "Weekly Hillcrest Volunteer Day"
Volunteers in Action - Color

1st Place: Volunteers in Action Black and White: Gail Jones with "Sorting childrens Clothing at Hillcrest"
Volunteers in Action - black and white

1st Place: Living Things Color: Susan Gettys with "Budding Photographer"
Budding Photographer

1st Place: World in Pictures Black and White: Susan Gettys with "Majestic Granite Dome"
Majestic Granite Dome

1st Place: Living Things Black and White: Terri York with "Eyes of the Soul"
Eyes of the Soul

1st Place: World in Pictures Still Life Color: Susan Gettys with “The Bridge to Success.”
Bridge to Success

1st Place: World in Pictures Scenes Color: Susan Gettys with"Spring at its Finest"
Spring at it's finest

1st Place: A Year In Pictures: Carolyn Bach with the "TImelessness in Gardening"---Carolyn is from Ste. Genevieve. 


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