GFWC Photo Contest

Objective: Encourage members' artistic expression and recognize and support members' achievements in photography.

Important Note:  GFWC now requires a signed waiver for contest entries.  You can print the print the waiver from this link:   GFWC Creative Arts Contest Waiver (pdf)

 World in Pictures Information from GFWC Manual (pdf)

Calling all GFWC of Missouri, Inc. photographers!

Each of the contests mentioned below provides an opportunity for you to express your creativity. The World in Pictures Contest is to capture the beauty of the world and the people around us. The Volunteers in Action Contest provides an opportunity to demonstrate the volunteer activities of your club during the year. A Year in Pictures Contest is for the GFWC Calendar.

Our state chairmen are Joyce Phillips and Sharon Anderson. Contact info is located in GFWC MO state yearbook. 

2012 Photography Contest Winners

Scenic Wiiner Alesund, Norway

World in Pictures, Scenic
1. Kathy Palermo. GFWC Achieving by Reading Club
2. Pat Mertens. GFWC Mina Sauk Club
3. Connie Tiehen. GFWC Questers Club

World in Pictures Feature Winner

World in Pictures, Feature
1. Connie Tiehen, GFWC Questers Club
2. Susan Gettys. GFWC Springfield Soroosis Club
3. Karole Jacobson. GFWC Art & Literature Club

World in Pictures Natural History Winner

World in Pictures. Natural History
1. Karole Jacobson, GFWC Art & Literature Club
2. Deborah Howard. GFWC Tuesday Club of Columbia
3. Jay Little. GFWC Coterie Club

Volunteers in Action Winner

Volunteers in Action
1. Kathy Palermo, GFWC Nu-Era Study Club
2. Carol Shoener. GFWC Braymer Tuesday Study Club
3. Deborah Howard. GFWC Tuesday Club of Columbia

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