Jennie Awards

The JENNIE Award spotlights one clubwoman from each region who has been judged on club, state, region, and national levels for her outstanding performance as a volunteer within her club, community and (extended) family. The Award is named in honor of GFWC's founder, Jane Cunningham Croly, who wrote for national newspapers under the pseudonym Jennie June.


For the first time during the 2004-2006 administration, GFWC awarded the JENNIE Award, a medal of honor, to one clubwoman from each of GFWC’s eight regions. These women were chosen by their clubs, states, regions and a national JENNIE AWARDS Committee at Headquarters for their outstanding commitment to club, community and family.

Although GFWC has many awards for states and clubs and gives prizes to members who demonstrate excellence in specific fields the JENNIE is the only national award that singles out and honors members for personal excellence. It is intended to spotlight those extraordinary clubwomen who perform their roles as volunteers within their clubs, elsewhere in the community and as members of a family or extended family.

Edana Huse is the GFWC of Missouri Chairman. Her address is in the GFWC MO state yearbook. 

Download the information and entry form for 2012-2014.

Beverly SheltonOur own Beverly Shelton is a recent GFWC of Missouri and the Mississippi Valley Regions Jennie Award winner. Beverly was recognized at the 2010 International Convention in Omaha.