GFWC Community Improvement Program


As stated in the GFWC Club Manual, the Community Improvement Program Award (formerly the Community Improvement Contest) aims to enhance the lives of GFWC’s neighbors around the world by meeting community specific needs, and elevating our clubs’ status with those communities. The Community Improvement Program Award is the heart and soul of GFWC. The Community Improvement Program Award is our longest standing project. It provides a club with the opportunity to development the leadership skills of its members, increase membership, and promote community awareness of the club’s activities. It aims to meet the needs of individual communities. The Community Improvement Program provides a vision for the future of the relationships between clubs and their communities.

Joint Entries

Clubs may join together to work on a project. Projects involving two to six GFWC clubs qualify as joint entries. Only one entry form is to be submitted, with all club presidents signing the single form. Clubs involved in joint entries are not eligible to submit individual club entries.

Monetary Awards

There are monetary awards from GFWC for the top state and national winners. At the state level, First Place receives $50, Second Place $35, and Third Place $25. At the national level, First Place receives $5,000, Second Place $3,500, Third Place $2,500, Fourth Place $1,500, Fifth Place $500. As you can see, it is worthwhile to take time to enter your Community Improvement Project.


UPDATED FOR 2014-2016!   For a complete set of guidelines, open the Community Improvement Program Guidlines and Entry Form.(pdf)

Report To:

Club entries are to be sent to Joy Little, GFWC of Missouri Community Improvement Program Award Chairman.  Joy’s address is in the GFWC of Missouri, Inc. State Yearbook.

 Past Community Program Projects:

Cassville FFA Cassville FFA Students Greenway Participation






Team Cassville1st Weed Kill Spraying Civil War Re-enactment land Mike Petersen-Land Management Specialist MDC Traci Snodgrass - GFWC Silver Leaf Benefit Club - Community Improvement Chairman Kenny Scheiler-Parks & Recreation Supervisor- City of Cassville