2012-2014 GFWC of Missouri, Inc. President’s Message

GFWC of Missouri Club President As the 2012-2014 GFWC of Missouri Administration begins, I want to thank you all for placing your trust and your heartfelt support in me and my officers to lead this wonderful organization for the next two years. I am truly humbled to be serving as your state president.


The symbol for our administration will be the heart. I truly believe that volunteers work and give from their hearts. Whether we’re fundraising for Missouri Girls Town, planting flowers in our local park, or reading to a child, our volunteer service and efforts come from our hearts. Our theme is: Heart to Heart, Hand in Hand, Making a difference together. As volunteers we work and give from our hearts. Hand in hand, because not only do “many hands make light work”, but also because we reach out to other GFWC members and other clubs across our great state. Within our clubs and our districts, we reach back for the hands of those women who have laid the foundation for our success, and we reach forward to the next generation who need our helping hands to fulfill their promise. Hand in hand we can accomplish so much more. We CAN make a difference together.


The goals for 2012-2014 are many. We will talk about our signature project, Domestic Violence. We will continue to love and support Missouri Girls Town with our hearts and our hands. We are going to market our product of GFWC of Missouri by continuing Legislative Day, our newest state project. We need to make our voices heard and stand up for the things we truly believe in as club women. We will focus on leadership and membership. We will talk about health and wellness. Isn’t a healthy and happy member much more productive?! We are going to work on empowering you to become the best, most knowledgeable volunteer. Our officers are committed to building and strengthening our state organization. I am so fortunate to have found such wonderful officers and dedicated state chairman. We will continue our Missouri State projects such as the Sophomore Pilgrimage, Missouri Day, and RAP.


The GFWC of Missouri Summer Conference will be held July 8-10 at Tan-Tar-A at the Lake of the Ozarks. Our meeting room is across from the elevator and escalator, just off the main lobby. They will divide the room into two parts, so we will eat on one side, and hold the meetings on the other side. The restrooms are just outside the meeting room. I understand that some members are reluctant about Tan-Tar-A because it is so large. The hotel staff have been a pleasure to work with and are clearly working towards exceeding our expectations. The GFWC of MO Executive Committee will hold a Social Hour in our room beginning at 7:00pm on Sunday, July 8th. There will be food and beverages provided by your wonderful officers. The Conference will begin with the Board of Directors Meeting at 10am on Monday, July 9th. All 2012-2014 state chairman, district presidents, and past presidents are part of the Board of Directors. The Conference will then begin with the Opening at 11am. We are hoping to conclude shortly after lunch on Tuesday to get everyone home safely by dark! There are two options to pay for the meals. Tan-Tar-A is offering a discounted meal package for $79. This would pay for all the meals offered during the Conference which are lunch and dinner on Monday, then breakfast and lunch on Tuesday. If you cannot attend all the meals, the meals are separated out with specific prices on the registration form. This will allow you to pay only for the meals that you would like to attend. We are going to be casual at Summer Conference, even for dinner on Monday evening. We will be hosting a Fashion Follies Extravaganza at the evening dinner.


As some of you are aware, two of our GFWC elected board members from the board of Missouri Girls Town resigned this spring, Karla Kincaid and Carolyn Wyatt. Also this spring, Missouri Girls Town changed its Articles of Incorporation, which can be found on the Missouri Secretary of State’s website. The GFWC of Missouri Executive Committee per our bylaws have nominated Dottie Getz and Dr. Susan Gettys to finish the terms of Karla and Carolyn on the board.


I look forward to working with each of you as we become smarter, healthier, happier club women during the next two years. Several of us will be attending the GFWC International Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in June. We hope to bring back valuable information to share with you at Summer Conference. I would like to thank the GFWC Dianas Club in Jefferson City, and my club, the GFWC Golden Study Club in Fayette for making the GFWC May State Convention so memorable for me. They definitely went above and beyond in their table decorations, programs, homemade cupcakes, pinwheels, hearts, and angels.